Secret Leaders Skills


There’s one simple thing about all of us, that is reflected in great leaders skills. It is something, you may be surprised to learn. Regardless of the size of your team, they need for you to know this. Read on to discover it.

Back in the Paleolithic era, homo sapiens quickly learned, the only way to survive danger was by working together. That need for safety, is still prevalent today and is the best kept secret in a true Leaders Skills.

Leaders Skills start with “us”

Since pre-historic times, humans were designed to work together; that’s what we do. We can be really good at looking after others when conditions are right for it. Looking out for each other becomes a sense of ‘us’, and trust is forged from that. Indeed, the root word of trust is us.

People feel safe, when they know the person to their left, and the person to their right – would protect them . In business and in life, we face ‘danger’ every day. Feeling safe, we become empowered to make remarkable things happen. True Leaders, know this and work to promote it throughout their team.

Top leaders know that promoting the top 10 percent and ignoring the bottom 25 percent will only destroy their organization. This is because no one feels safe in that kind of environment – there is no sense of ‘us’.

Great Leaders Skills Examples

Leaders Skills
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When becoming a leader, The First step in developing a leaders skills is to create a feeling of ‘us’. You must prove in your actions that you serve us, which we respond to by being happy to serve you. In this way you create trust; you create a sacred circle of safely.

Unfortunately, most corporate CEO’s fail miserably at creating the proper circle of safety. They all say that they care, right? But their actions often prove otherwise. For all their credentials, they lack the most crucial trait, in leaders skills.

Often, a CEO puts the circle of safety around senior executives, and no one else. You see this when the board gives their CEO a raise, at the same time that they go about laying off thousands of employees, except for the top level executives who are protected in the circle of safety.

An extraordinary leader will extend the circle of safety to the outer edges of the company, even out to loyal customers. They are willing to do without, so that their people are safe. When leaders put the welfare of their people first, their people are willing to do anything to see that their leader’s visions are advanced.

So you see, Leaders go first. They take pay cuts first, before anyone else. They are the first to take action, on whatever they are asking their people to do.

Great Leaders Skills inspire action

If you’re a new home business owner, looking to build a team to lead, how do you start building that team? It begins with your “why”. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why, you do it. Why you do something, is your Belief. When you find people who believe like you do, you inspire them to action.

If you want to know how, to inspire others to action, I recommend you watch Leadership author Simon Sinek as he talks about How great leaders inspire action, in the second-most-watched TED talk below:

To “US”
John Domzalski

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Best Reviews of Rippln


By now you’ve been seeing a lot of Rippln Reviews and yet you still haven’t decided to buy in to Rippln. I think you can’t let yourself believe it is possible. I was like you. Then, my friend Russell Brunson talked to me about it and his Rippln Reviews changed my mind. So it’s my turn to be your friend and make sure you know what you missing out on: daily Rippln Reviews with Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson & Daily Rippln Reviews

Rippln ReviewsAbout a month ago, Russell told me “You’ve got to get into this…” I said what is it? He said I can’t tell you until you sign a non disclosure agreement to which I said: “Right!”

I then gave him my best “I’ll take a look at it” lie and of course – ignored it… Maybe you’ve done that a few times already?

By the third time of this, I gave in (Russell can be very persistent). I signed his silly NDA, watched a video… watched it again…. watched it all over again…. and said “I’m IN!”

Russell just smiled that boyish smile of his that seems to say “I know something you don’t” and then he went on to tell me how much time he has spent on Rippln… I was blown away! Russell was personally involved in most of the design and implementation of Rippln!

If you don’t know who Russell is, go ahead and Google him, or let me save you the time:  just click on his daily Rippln Reviews Google Hangout link HERE.

Russell has earned millions of dollars from the internet… from his own products. He knows about this stuff. I’ve never known Russell to spend so much time on anything he’s done, as the time he has spent on Rippln! THAT… is a clue… and Success… always leaves clues!

Rippln Reviews: The Ripple Effect of Economics

Rather than say much more here, I’ll send you to this post I wrote on Ripple effect economics which is why Russell has put his life on hold for Rippln.

All the Best,
John Domzalski

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Ripple Effect Economics


A ripple effect is about to occur in world economics. The ripple effect will most certainly create new millionaires as an effect. History always repeats itself, so much like what happened when Andrew Carnegie revolutionized the steel industry in 1905, you can enjoy the benefits from ripple effect economics – if you take action here today.

What is Ripple Effect Economics?

Ripple Effect Economics Social GraphWhen new technologies are introduced (that make processes faster and easier) it ALWAYS produces new wealth for the people. You are currently living in an era where the technology has made the process of purchasing easier and faster than ever before.

In the past, you would have to carry checks, or lug around cash and coins, or even pull out your credit card and sign a receipt. But today, through mobile commerce, even those old forms of paying are becoming more and more obsolete.

Let’s say you have an iPhone and download a free app game like “Clash of Clans.” The purpose of the game is to create a clan, build a village for the clan, and train your warriors to protect your village from invaders.

But here’s where it gets interesting: although you can play for free and slowly earn virtual “gems” to help you fund clans projects. You can also make an “IN APP” purchase to speed up the pace of gem-getting.

For instance, with the touch of a finger, you can purchase a “pile of Gems” ($4.99), a “bag of Gems” ($9.99), a “sack of Gems” ($19.99), a “box of Gems” ($49.99), or…

If you are feeling really ambitious to get some extra swords and sling-shots to fight off the barbarian invaders. You can touch your iphone screen and purchase a “chest of Gems” for only $99.99.

The company “Supercell” (based in Finland), who makes “Clash of Clans” earns just a tad over $1,000,000 per day through these “In-APP” purchases worldwide. Apple gets a 30% of the cut (or about $300,000) daily just from Supercell. And Supercell brings home around $700,000 per day.

When people play “Clash of Clans”, they are encouraged to just press a button and invite all their Facebook friends to play with them. Anyway, some of the invited friends actually begin to play. And believe it or not, LOTS of those people end up purchasing LOTS of gems… which brings Supercell a healthy $1,000,000 a day benefit from Ripple Effect Economics.  In this way, You and your friends form what’s called a “social graph”. Your social graph creates it’s own ripple effect economics.

The injustice of Ripple effect economics

Soon, the users, the fans, and the players of “Clash of Clans” invite their friends in droves. Their friends buy virtual “sacks of gems” like they are going out of style. But, what do you get for sharing the game? While “Clash of Clans” Company gets $1,000,000 per day  and “Apple” gets $300,000 per day (at 30%) – you get $0!

Did you know the most bankable commodity in the world is not diamonds or oil, it’s your friends in your phone and in your social graph. Tech companies are currently harvesting that wealth in droves… and You are shut out.

Until now…

Rumors of a new technology that will be released within the next 60 days is quietly spreading across the world. This new technology RECOGNIZES and
 rewards You for your social graph… It is so big that it may go down in history as one of the most
 innovative ideas of the century. It may be one of the most important things you can possibly do in your entire life.

If you’re ready to start getting paid that money instead of it all going to the technology lords, Click HERE to learn how you can benefit from ripple effect economics.

To Your own Ripple Effect
John Domzalski

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A new report from NQ Mobile says that Google Android has a virus. In fact, quite a few viruses. in 2012, 95 percent of malware threats targeted Android. In 2013 there are already more threats than all of 2011. Read this post to find out what you can do to protect your smartphone and your wallet.

Malware attacks are increasing, getting smarter and targeting Google’s Android mobile operating system.

Android malware analysis shows that mobile malware threats increased by 163 percent in 2012, and 95 percent of all threats were targeted at Android. An estimated 32.8 million Android devices were infected in 2012, an increase of 200 percent from the 10.8 million infected in 2011.

How Cyber-Criminals are hacking Google Android Apps

The top three ways that Google Android Apps were used to deliver malware in 2012:

  • App Repackaging
  • Malicious URLs
  • Smishing

Smishing affects both your device and your wallet. It infects your smartphone to increase your phone bill!

Here’s how it work: Using social engineering (phishing) along with SMS, cybercriminals contact you and ask you to click on a malicious link. When you click the link, it triggers a malicious app download or it directs you to a rogue Website.

Doing this, they can generate as much as $4 per Short Message Service (SMS) text, that You pay for.

Malicious URLs are used to collect personal information from you, particularly mobile banking or other financial information.

App repackaging consists of a criminal adding lines of malicious code to a real app, repackaging and reloading it to a third-party marketplace where unsuspecting mobile users can download it.

Once installed, repacked Google Android Apps work in the background, collecting your data, changing your settings or remotely controlling your smartphone to do things like send SMS texts that you get charged for!

The top five infected markets are China, India, Russia, the United States and Saudi Arabia. 10 percent of phones infected are in the U.S.

7 percent of these Google android apps were designed to “brick” your phone. That makes it simply stop working. 28 percent focused on profiting from your data.

Google Android Apps – How to fix Malware

Google Android AppsOne reason Google Android Apps are so easily infected is something called “Android fragmentation”.

Two years after the introduction of Android, more than 39 percent of Android users are still using Gingerbread. If your smartphone is using Gingerbread, you are lacking many of the major security updates provided by Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean.

Another reason is app side-loading. When you download and install Google Android apps outside the Google Play store, you are opening your smartphone up to attack, because this is where the majority of malicious apps are being hosted.

So the easiest way to fix malware is to simply upgrade your smartphone to the latest Jelly Bean version. If you’re going to do that, why not reduce the cost of your cellphone service at the same time?

In fact, If you’re still paying for your cellphone service every month – you are paying too much.

You can now get free service every month. Find out how to get free cellphone service by clicking HERE.

All the Best,
John Domzalski

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Empower Net Work, officially known as Empower Network continues to change lives around the world. Find out how they are planning to make an even bigger difference in the world in this post.

The Roots of Philanthropy  at Empower Net Work

It started with Dave and Dave (the co-founders) looking for a way to give back to the community. Someone mentioned habitat for humanity which is really ironic since both of them spent too much time homeless – living out of their cars… or worse.

philanthropySince they believe the best leaders are servant driven leaders, they wanted to set an example of Philanthropy for other leaders. The example they chose to set is by helping local communities provide housing for families with income problems.

So they joined forces with Habitat for Humanity in St. Petersburg FL. where the home office is. Next they moved to Austin TX (see Video HERE).

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Philanthropy starts at home

The mission of Empower Net Work is to leave a place better than they found it. Wherever Empower Network has members, that is a place that they want to say “This place is better because of Empower Network”. The goal is for every town that has Empower Network members, to receive help in the community.

That same mission is echoed in the benefits that members of Empower Network receive. They just want a chance to live a more empowered life, and they’ve found that at Empower Network. If you are ready to empower your own life and bring Empower Network to your hometown to make a difference, it’s time to get all-in.

To Your Empowerment!
John Domzalski

P.S. If you want to hear first hand about the Philanthropy of Empower Net Work from the co-founders themselves, click HERE

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